Project Breakdown SATX Summer Takeover

Sierra DeVuyst standing in front of a stairwell with the sides of the stairwell displaying her art, full of frozen treats that represent the icons of San Antonio

I was talking to Alex Collier about websites and projects (she’s amazing, btw) and she mentioned how she would like to know how projects get to where they are when finished or printed. It’s something I try to go over in case studies, but for fear of being repetitive or redundant, I usually keep them brief. I will be attempting to breakdown projects on here to explain my process in a more in-depth way. It’s important to note that each client and project is going to have different parameters and numbers of revisions.

For the SATX Summer Takeover, there were a few directions I felt it could go, the Creative Director at KGB Texas wanted something bright and summer-y and said they liked the style of this piece- with the strong lines and highlight/lowlight balance.

I drew a few different pieces with different styles. After ruling out the watercolor icons, I made the chocolate look “thicker” and added in low opacity light blue, to create ‘frozen’ looking highlights, as well as some darker lowlights which gives the final look a sophistication while remaining very playful.

This refining process happened to all of the icons. Some of them were spot on right from the get-go and some needed more work to get the right frozen treat look.

The roller coaster was one of those that took some fine tuning, as well as the river floater

It took about five days to get through all of the icons and then we began arranging the pattern. We wanted a complex repeat (meaning it repeats in a way that isn’t immediately obvious) and different color variations. Adding in the drips after was important to make sure that they would follow where ‘gravity’ would take them.

The final result below. Because the background had different colors, and we wanted to be sure the sprinkles stood out, I created two sest of ‘floating’ sprinkles that would change color based on the background color to make sure it wouldn’t blend in and every colorway had the same aesthetic.

Voyage Dallas

I feel so honored to be featured on the Voyage Dallas’ blog among cool local artists. It’s little messages and features like this that make me feel like I am moving forward as an artist and creative. My tiny business has only been around for a year and a half and it’s felt like the greatest rollercoaster ride. Getting new clients, working on fun projects, being seen by people I didn’t realize were watching, are always the great upswings and I am so excited to see where this rollercoaster takes me in 2019.

2019 Give Back

I have been so overwhelmed to start blogging again. So much has changed in the past year, and in the past six months since I last updated you all.

But with MLK day being yesterday, and the lack of celebration I did, I decided I needed to honor his legacy somehow. Putting together an application for local non-profits to work closely with in 2019 has been on my list of things to do since November, well, instead of shaming myself, I put myself to work and got the application up and running. (Sometimes those little things can feel so daunting). If you know of a non-profit that you think would be a good fit, please send them this link. Or email me at with someone’s email and I will reach out to them myself.

Hello everyone, and hello 2019! I can’t wait to see what is in store!

Started from the Bottom, Now I’m Here.

August 25th, 2016. This was a few months after the accident and we were still living in the camper. Grant was living in the camper full time, with a lot of time being taken for appointments, PT, surgery and the like. I stopped working at the business a few weeks after this, and focused my time on caring for him and fixing up the house we bought after this.

This was a year later. I had just relaunched my business, got dedicated to posting all the time on Instagram and seriously trying to connect with others. This was me working furiously at lettering and illustration after I discovered Creative Market, selling my goods, and in general, seeing my business as a sprint.

I just did work with KGB Texas and the City of San Antonio for the city’s airport, am doing social media work for some local businesses and posting my Notable Women’s coloring book. (Which has been three years in the making). If you want to be your own boss, recognize that it’s a slow jog. It’s constantly thinking that you are closer to the finish line, you just have to go a little bit further (even though you’re really only one quarter of the way there). It’s constant perseverance and dedication, which means, you should just DEFINITELY love it. But if you find¬†that thing that sets your soul on fire, know that the struggle, the marathon, the growth. Is all TOTALLY worth it.

Fresh Prints!

Hey! If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve been seeing these pop up. I meant to publish this on Friday, but being in Seaside Florida for a Bachelorette party, I tried to be super cognizant about keeping work to a minimum and enjoying a real-life vacation. (Anyone who has seen me on a ‘vacation’ knows I usually am at my computer daily).

This series has been so much fun to create. Eventually when you come to my house, these drawings will be printed with white ink on plexiglass and hung in our bathroom to create a different kind of gallery wall. I can’t wait to show you the progress pics (once we get our bathroom tile put in).

I’m currently working on a Notable Women Coloring Book and I am so excited to share the progress and updates with you!¬†

San Antonio Airport Project

Gosh guys, I feel like I should be all calm and collected about a project like this… Be all, “oh yeah, this is standard ops.” But in reality I am a nerd and get so excited about all of my projects, especially the surreal ones that so many people will be seeing.

It really blows my mind and makes me feel weird and excited.

I’ve mentioned my secret sauce for getting big things like this, and said I will be announcing it in a few weeks- and I can NOT WAIT to share this so others can get cool gigs and meet awesome people. What is holding me back currently is that I need to send out a few more, and I also want to hook you guys up with some kind of discount or deal. So keep your eyes peeled and keep working hard. I have loved this little community, the support from my readers and all of the inspiring work you post.

Keep on, keeping on friends! And share some projects that got you nerding out!