We’ve hit day 20! I have had to take a small break due to getting all of my wholesale items up and running, but I am so happy with how this project is turning out. It’s been challenging and gratifying and also a little bit odd.

You see, I am not a huge stoner. I have smoked occasionally in the past and used to never like it much. It made me anxious and paranoid. That said, I live in Texas now, so it’s not like it’s a thing here, which also made me feel pretty ballsy for taking on this project. Especially since I am not in the cannabis world, but one of my main goals was to de-stigmatize it.

Lifting the veil and creating conversations in the middle of Hill Country Texas seemed like a really daunting task. Something that could possibly get my instagram shunned and hurt my business as well… It was dicey.

I mean, we live in a town with about 4 festivals dedicated to alcohol a year, and yet, marijuana is still seen as a taboo thing. I started this wanting to imagine weed brands that had normal, sophisticated packaging. Something that if put on shelves would make normal, non-cannabis industry individuals consider buying it, trying it, and being okay with legalizing it.

It’s been a fun foray dancing so close to something so illegal here in Texas, I’m excited to see where the rest of the project takes me.