August 25th, 2016. This was a few months after the accident and we were still living in the camper. Grant was living in the camper full time, with a lot of time being taken for appointments, PT, surgery and the like. I stopped working at the business a few weeks after this, and focused my time on caring for him and fixing up the house we bought after this.

This was a year later. I had just relaunched my business, got dedicated to posting all the time on Instagram and seriously trying to connect with others. This was me working furiously at lettering and illustration after I discovered Creative Market, selling my goods, and in general, seeing my business as a sprint.

I just did work with KGB Texas and the City of San Antonio for the city’s airport, am doing social media work for some local businesses and posting my Notable Women’s coloring book. (Which has been three years in the making). If you want to be your own boss, recognize that it’s a slow jog. It’s constantly thinking that you are closer to the finish line, you just have to go a little bit further (even though you’re really only one quarter of the way there). It’s constant perseverance and dedication, which means, you should just DEFINITELY love it. But if you findĀ that thing that sets your soul on fire, know that the struggle, the marathon, the growth. Is all TOTALLY worth it.