You may wonder why would I create a series within my regularly scheduled instagram postings. Or think that 100 pieces seems like a lot of work for a slightly random hashtag project. And you’re right. It seems random and difficult because it kind of is.

BUT the beauty of creating strict boundaries within my work helps create discipline and creativity. There is enough room that I can explore and remain curious, while giving me something to focus on when I feel drained of ideas or uninspired.

And at the end of this, I want to compile it into a book. For numbers 10-20 I want to letter your #fromehtoecstatic moments!

So, for #5 in my “from eh to ecstatic” is “from Texas to New York”. Which doesn’t necessarily go because I love so much about Texas and my little small town. (They are actually hosting a really cool festival this weekend that I am sad I am missing). But at the same time New York is so many things that Texas isn’t.